Thursday, November 09, 2006

Had lunch at the Googleplex with a South African friend. This is just one of a few buildings on the "campus". It was really cool -- incredible food prepared by chefs, laundry services, games rooms, doctors, dentists .... all free! You can even take your dog to work. Oh yes, Larry Page walked past ... apparently he's just "one of the guys" there.

Because the campus is so big, there're 2-wheel electric scooters to get you from one building to the next. And all meetings start at 7 minutes past the hour to allow for the scooter trip. In the lobby of the main entrance, a list of near real- time words is projected onto the wall -- these are actual multilingual queries from all the Google sites around the world. It's not exactly real time so that any naughty words can be taken out.

Sorry there aren't more pics -- not allowed to take any. Time magazine did a photo essay about life at the Googleplex.


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